The Goat Roper Rodeo Band
Hail the Remedy



Early For A Thursday



Mark Radcliffe
What Remains of the Day


Bartrum, Brookes and Weatherall
New Midsumers Day

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The Goat Roper Rodeo Band - 'Hail the Remedy' - 101RECCD28 ***No Longer Available***

Here’s a little story about a young band with a big dream and a bunch of great songs. Once upon a time there was an old showmans wagon in need of a little life and a few good times, Along came The Goat Roper Rodeo Band and soon both band and music seeped deep into the very soul of that old rusted chassis where home and heart became a tin can country music parody of itself, And, along with the mice and the warm summer sun, the electric upped and left and candles became currency in the land without power…the hillside solitude and sweet blur of days brought a strong desire for purity and song….it surely is more than a little something for the weekend sir ? Hail The Remedy….



The summer of 2012 has seen Jaywalkers – BBC Young Folk Award finalists 2009 – cement their place as one of the most exciting, virtuosic and entertaining young bands working on the British folk scene. June 4th saw the eagerly awaited release of their 2nd album – Early for a Thursday – but their busy summer was already well under way, with the band performing at over 24 festivals, from the farthest reaches of the A9 in North Scotland to the Southern tip of Swanage and an Eastern-most point of Broadstairs (and many places in-between). There was just enough time to fit in a quick trip to Europe, where the band were placed 3rd at the European World of Bluegrass in Holland (making them the 3rd best Bluegrass band in Europe…or, that’s how we say it anyway). Amongst the deluge of festival appearances, there were main stage performances at Priddy, Fylde, Chester, Wirral Folk on the Coast, Purbeck and Didmarton – to name a few – and an undoubted highlight of a CD selling-out performance in front of 2000 people at Shrewsbury folk festival in late August.

Mark Radcliffe Legendary broadcaster, performer and life-long folk music fan Mark Radcliffe who also fronts the weekly folk music show on BBC Radio 2 at 7pm on Wednesdays in place of the current programme presenter Mike Harding records his first solo album 'What Remains of the day' A long way from the rumbustious drinking songs of the Mahones, ‘What Remains Of The Day’ is a collection of ten reflective songs recorded and embellished by fellow Mahone Chris Lee.



Bartrum Brookes and Weatherall's New Midsummer's Day continues to be a runaway success for us and has been one of fRoots special choices for their Playlist chart during 2011






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