New Midsummer's Day
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'Lady Burdett/The New Casino'

Bartram, Brookes and Weatherall


New Midsummer’s Day

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This album chosen by fRoots for their selected playlist in 2011 and forming part of fRoot's whopping 90cd prize competition, brings together the musical skills of , Chris ‘Yorkie’ Bartram (songs, percussion) Neil Brookes (fiddle) and Tony Weatherall (melodeon). Neil and Tony had recorded their earlier instrumental CD The Whitchurch Hornpipe (for Wildgoose Records WGS350CD), which featured 19th century dance tunes from the North Shropshire manuscripts of the Hughes family and John Clews, and were keen to continue to revive more material from this wonderful collection. Some of these tunes are now finding their way into the repertoire of English musicians from other parts of the country and the title track is now used by a team of Molly dancers from East Anglia for one of their dances!

Chris had also made a very fine CD (on Coughing Dog Music, COF0504) of unaccompanied songs from his unique repertoire of traditional material. It was therefore a natural step to join forces and produce an album that combined these separate talents in an entertaining, highly infectious mix of songs and tunes.

On this album Neil and Tony have unearthed more great dance tunes, rare hornpipes and stirring quicksteps used by militia groups from the region. Chris sings his own versions of both well-known and rarely heard songs, some of which are accompanied by Neil and Tony, and he augments the tunes with his distinctive percussion sound. The aim is to give a flavour of Shropshire’s heritage in a style that is refreshing, informal and full of humour, portraying the best of the traditional music that has been performed in pubs and dance halls for many years. The concept of this collection has given rise to a formidable band that is equally at home on the concert stage, in folk clubs, pub sessions, in leading workshops and in playing for dancing.

Since the release of this album we have received some outstanding reviews of it, below is just a sample.

'The well programmed mix of songs and tunes is an utter delight; if there is going to be a better album of English dance songs in 2011, it will have to be amazingly good. This album sets the standard.' Vic Smith - 'The Sussex Folk Diary' May 2011

'New Midsummer's Day - even the title makes you feel good; just wait until you hear the CD...A thoroughly enjoyable CD that wills you to bask in the reflected rays of the sun on a new Midsummer's day, even in the depths of winter.' John Bentham - 'English Dance & Song magazine' June 2011

'I really must say how much pleasure it gives me that records like this are being made in the 21st century - only ten years ago I wouldn't have believed it possible... Every piece they play is a pure delight, and I'm at a bit of a loss as to which track to use as a sound clip. I suppose I'll let them decide, and play you a bit of the title track, New Midsummer's Day / Hunting the Rabbit. Lovely! You can (and should) buy this great CD from the 101 Company's website.' Rod Stradling - 'Musical Traditions' March 2011



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